Crashing The World, The Latest SPACEMOB Original Series

by | Jan 3, 2023

In CRASHING THE WORLD, internationally respected DJ Crash travels the globe and spins up its history, capturing some cool culture in this SPACEMOB Original Series.

Setting his turntable aside, history enthusiast Crash is on a mission to chat with politicians, artists, foodies, musicians, and more, engaging in conversations that highlight each region by exploring its past, its food, and its people. 

“Having been in the music industry for 30 years provides unique perspectives and worldwide friendships. My name recognition, access, and determination gets me into places, and allows me to interview characters that have never been seen before.” – DJ Crash

Crash is one of the most experienced and highly regarded DJs on the planet. A 30-year music veteran, he is best known for his resident stint as the Playboy Mansion DJ from 2000-2015. In recent years, he has quietly toured the globe, spinning corporate events. As he traveled through 18 states, he began filming his encounters, and the first season of CRASHING THE WORLD was born. 

Diving deeply into each local scene, Crash’s passion for yesteryear and his inquisitive nature draw you in. He delights in CRASHING THE WORLD wide open to reveal the cultural beauty within.

“Teaming up with such an interesting and creative guy as DJ Crash to produce CRASHING THE WORLD is really an exciting endeavor. He has a particular interest in African American culture and that of Indigenous groups that brings a depth to the show that you may not see in other travel shows. Thirty-six episodes have been shot and are headed toward post-production.” said, Eric Keith, Series Executive Producer / Chief Content Officer for SPACEMOB.

Season 1 consists of 7 44-minute episodes that tune the audience into the unique US vibe of: Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, South Carolina, and Florida.

For distribution consideration contact -Danielle Bourassa, Head Of Partnerships, SPACEMOB