Behind The Curtain Broadway Series, Cheat Out, The Latest SPACEMOB original

by | Nov 25, 2022

Ever wonder what it takes to make it on the Broadway stage? Cheat Out, a new six-part interview series is scheduled for release this year on the streaming service Revry. Hosted by actor, photographer and series creator, Josh Drake, the series uncovers the humans behind the Broadway characters we love and shares their stories in their own words.

In Broadway terms, to “cheat out” is to position oneself towards the audience to let them in during a pivotal moment of a show. In Cheat Out the series, Drake gets his guests to position themselves to the audience and to share stories of grit and persistence in the face of challenges such as racial adversity and gender and sexual identity.

The inspirational discussions revolve around the many obstacles overcome by these rising stars of Broadway, generating interviews that are deeply provocative. This is truly a tell-all look behind the curtain and into their daily lives. Nothing is left off the table, from their wildest dreams and deepest fears to their first foot in the door, and their personal struggles along the way. The recurring theme is the profound determination of securing their place on the Broadway stage, and the self-discovery made possible by their chosen paths. This diverse group of individuals opens up and shares its vulnerability with us; because the life of a Broadway star is a career path filled with hopes and heartbreak. Cheat Out artistically bares it all to educate, encourage, and inspire others.

Cheat Out, A SPACEMOB original series is the genius work of Drake and Executive Producer Charles Forbes.

“Josh came to me with this idea: a broadway interview series that didn’t just discuss this season’s hits but took a wide view of the industry itself. How will a post-pandemic Broadway adapt to a new social order? American Theatre as a whole would have changed in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, growing threats to the Asian and LBGT communities, and an obvious work/pay disparity with the industry itself… but how would Broadway change,” Forbes recalled on co-creating Cheat Out.

Drake, as the host, not only interviews these Broadway stars but showcases their journeys through thought-provoking images and dramatic makeovers. These emotional interviews include Glee alum Alex Newell; Lion King star Bradley Gibson; Blindspot actor Javier Muñoz, who is perhaps best known for replacing Lin-Manuel Miranda in HamiltonShadow Vaults’ Isabelle McCalla; The Broadway Show’s and Powerbook IV: Force, Adrienne Walker; and Jason Gotay of Gossip Girl (revival) and Peter Pan Live!

“I chose this structure of sitting down with each actor for a personal chat and then jumping into dress-up playtime for the photo shoot in order to really demonstrate the DAILY routines that we experience as performers. During the day, we live in the same world as everyone else, the struggles, the inhumane acts of violence, the loss, and the greed. But then, once 7 or 8 pm hits, we slap on a face, a costume, and pretend. Shine. In hopes of being an escape for the select group of over a thousand audience members who chose to spend their evenings with us,” Drake said.

Cheat Out debuts December 2nd on Revry, LGBTQ’s first global streaming media network. The anticipated six-episode series will be rolling out to other additional networks including Prime Video, HappiTV, Dekkoo, and Broadstream, among others.

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