Storytelling is at the center of everything we do. An authentic story told in a compelling way is the best way to create meaningful connections with your audience. We work as an extension of your internal marketing and video teams, helping you create or distribute video content.

SPACEMOB studio has a knack for business development, sales, and distribution of content. We’ve established relationships within the entertainment, OTT, & digital media industries, and we can help you find the right distribution opportunities for your project or series. We want to help you get your project buttoned-up and ready to shop, as well as walk you through the delivery process. As filmmakers and content creators, we experienced the journey that is financing, producing, and distributing our films, TV, and OTT content, and that gave us the tools we need to help others get their projects across the finish line and out into the world.


  • Experience

    We’re award-winning filmmakers, video journalists, and digital media executives who’ve created more than 3,000 videos across nearly every major vertical for clients such as: Chase; NBC Universal; Time, Inc.; and Dow Jones.

  • Creativity

    SPACEMOB studio specializes in creating original content and series. We’ve done it for our own channels and for our client, and we can help you conceive a plan to best engage, grow, or establish an audience

  • Cost

    We’re not a traditional brick-and-mortar production company that has buildings and equipment trucks. We’re a global production and distribution company, which helps keep us nimble, and allows us to keep costs reasonable.

  • Mobility

    SPACEMOB is a 21st Century content creation studio and distribution company. We have more than 1,500 directors, editors, writers, actors, producers, directors of photography and other contributors all across the country. We can shoot wherever and whenever it’s needed.

  • Multiple Verticals

    We have worked across almost every major vertical including Auto; Entertainment; Music; Celebrity; Business; Finance; Publishing; Automotive; Arts; Education; Careers; Fitness; News; Weather; Home & Garden; Food & Drink; Family; Health; Hobbies & Interests, etc.

  • Distribution

    SPACEMOB is a rare combination of content and distribution. We can help you with creating your series and release it across a vast OTT / CTV network utilizing additional resources from our parent company, Answer Media.


  • 3,000

    videos produced

  • 1,500

    Contributors Nationwide

  • 10

    Feature Films

  • 50

    States for production

A World-Wide Partner for


  • Our Mission

    Create and distribute the most compelling video content possible.

  • Our Values

    We know that the partners you choose represent you, your brand, and your content. We work to be the most creative, efficient, and innovative partners that we can be.

  • Our Approach & Culture

    We’re a data-based creative company. Every decision we make is built on analytics, testing, and market analysis … wrapped in creativity.


Eric Keith


A Member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Television Academy), Eric Keith has been producing film, television, and short-form video content for the past fifteen years. He is also an established Business Development Executive specializing in helping web publishers enhance monetization for their properties through video, display, search, and native advertising. He has received executive/ graduate certificates from Harvard Business School, in the Business of Entertainment, Sports and Media (BEMS), and in Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen (HBX), a Business Foundations Specialization from the University of Pennsylvania–the Wharton School, and studied Management at Harvard University, the Harvard Extension School..


David Huffman is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, with 20 years’ experience in storytelling through film and video. He specializes in collaborating with others and overseeing the entire creative process to develop emotionally engaging product that’s viable in the marketplace. David earned a BA and MA from The University of Kansas.

David Huffman
Rory Glaeseman


With 20 years of experience working in Pulitzer Prize-winning newsrooms (Gannett and Newsday), Rory, a New York Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, leads our team to deliver high-quality video content under the demands of a 24/7 news cycle. From entertainment news to investigative journalism, he understands the components necessary to produce pieces that drive traffic and engage the audience. Rory graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a B.A. in Economics.


Briton hails from Virginia, where he studied theater at James Madison University before continuing his education at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Writing plays translated into writing screenplays, which eventually became writing internet content. As Media Director, Briton gets to combine his creativity with his administrative experience as he bridges the gaps between project contributors, SP/\CEMOB, and the clients.

Briton Green
Danielle Bourassa


Danielle is an established business development executive with 15+ years working in digital media. Her career has spanned across affiliate marketing, search, lead generation, and video. Her focus is on digital strategy, creating new opportunities for our partners to engage with audiences, distribution, and monetization. As a consultative partner she continues to explore and communicate opportunities to collaborate which often include building engaging video content, creating opportunities to monetize with tech and advertising and distribution strategy through all areas of digital media including web, mobile, social, and OTT.
Danielle received a B.S. in Communications from Worcester State University.