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Pitch us

The SPACEMOB content team loves to hear from independent producers and content creators. If you have a pitch for a TV series or multi platform concept, it’d be great to hear from you.

We prefer to find opportunities with projects completed or far along in the production process, but also open to learning about projects still in development.

Before sending anything, be sure to understand that there are certain things we are typically looking for.

  • Content that gives viewers a closer look at interesting people doing interesting things and/or access into special places.
  • Concepts with upbeat characters who are vibrant, energetic and active as well as characters who might be flawed, unique, sit outside the mainstream or show a passion for something unique.
  • Stories and storytelling that offer audiences the chance for entertaining and compelling takeaways.

What to submit

Using the form below, provide a sumary that clearly outlines what your program is about. In addition, consider providing enough information to answer some of all of the following questions:

  • What is the hook or what makes it unique?
  • Who are the main characters or hosts? What makes them ideal as central figures in the story?
  • What makes this a series that has the potential to continue for more than one season?
  • What is/was the shooting and editing style?
  • Where can sample episodes be found?

Happy pitching!