Curated channels for the digital age.

SPACEMOB curates, builds, manages and distributes FAST channels on services like Amazon Prime, Freevee, Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, Plex, LG Channels, and many more. Our channels are a unique offering for a variety of audiences interested in content such as sports, entertainment, classic TV, Spanish-language and more.


The next great sports channel is here and it’s all about the fastest growing sport in America: Pickleball. Enthusiasts and casual fans alike can stream Pickleball 24/7 on PickleTV. Programming consists of pro Pickleball matches, interviews, instruction and more.

The Red Green Channel

Imagine the Canadian “Home Improvement,” with a handyman called by his not-so-handyman alias, Red Green, and you have this sitcom-sketch comedy hybrid that ran for 15 seasons across CTV, PBS in the U.S. and racked up 23 Gemini Award nominations. 

Dark Corners Original Content

Dark Corners

This channel brings mysterious, scary, horrific, and unexplained stories to your screen. The possibilities delight as much as they can terrify.  Viewers will feel the thrill of picking up a flashlight, the creaking door and stepping into the unknown of the darkness.

LevelUp TV

The TV channel for the largest gaming website in LATAM & Mexico, LevelUp. Running 24/7 in the US, Mexico, and LATAM, and all in Spanish, the channel was built around the interests of the gaming community with series for gaming news, reviews, countdown discussions.

Beautiful Planet

Sometimes, watching TV can help you get back in touch with nature. Breathtaking scenery and gripping stories from this programming will remind you why our Beautiful Planet deserves to be celebrated. Managed and distributed in partnership with Dooya Media.
Dark Corners Original Content

FITE 24/7

In this corner, we have the heaviest-hitting combat sports available on streaming. Boxing, wrestling, MMA, and more, coming at you with PPV replays, classic fights, interviews, and original series. It’s enough action to knock you on your a$$. In partnership with Dooya Media.