SPACEMOB and Massev Productions Finalize Underground: Uncovered

by | Feb 10, 2023

SPACEMOB has partnered with Massev Productions on a new docuseries titled: Underground: Uncovered. A documentary series that captures various underground and stigmatized communities with a dignified lens.

An honest depiction of the everyday life of neighbors you didn’t know were sex workers, cosplayers, side-show performers, and even Satanists. The series provocatively asks the question, “Do you know your neighbors?”

Lisa Ash, Producer stated, “It was important to us to document these communities with an unbiased lens.” 

Underground: Uncovered caught the eye of SPACEMOB via a popular thread on Reddit.

“We were just so happy that Massev Productions’ was able to understand and respectfully tell such compelling and somewhat taboo stories with limited resources. Michael and his team have chosen such an impactful subject matter. They were a perfect fit for our Grassroots Originals Program at SPACEMOB,” said SPACEMOB’s Chief Content Officer/ Executive Producer, Eric Keith.

Kansas City-based Massev Productions filmed the initial exposés locally. 

“While working on another project we were introduced to several underground subcultures within our city. We were fascinated and felt others would be as well. We decided to document these communities and take others on an educational journey that will peel back misinformation and stigma while revealing the humanity of the people we covered,” said Creator, Director Michael Sublett. 

Underground: Uncovered will be streaming in several outlets, in Spring 2023.

For inquiries contact: Eric Keith, Chief Content Officer, and Executive Producer