The Red Green Show: Classic Comedy Television That Continues To Charm

by | Jul 25, 2023

For those who haven’t seen it, The Red Green Show is a masterstroke of humor and simplicity wrapped up in flannel with a bow made of duct tape. Its protagonist, the loveable yet incompetent handyman Red Green (portrayed by the splendid Steve Smith), often finds himself embroiled in the most outrageous of DIY situations. His world brims with hilarious segments, dryly witty one-liners, and delightful outdoor pursuits that harken to the charm of a northern “Home Improvement.” Each episode featured a variety of skits, ranging from Red’s famous “handyman’s corner” to segments on outdoorsman ship and fishing, all peppered with Red’s dry wit and homespun wisdom. 

Set in the fictional town of Possum Lake, Canada, the show follows the mishaps of handyman Red, the natural leader of the Possum Lodge men’s club, and his nephew, Harold. Other notable regulars on the show include cheapskate Dalton Humphrey, one of Red’s best friends, and local forest ranger Ranger Gord.

Here are some fun facts about the show’s history, where you can watch it, and what the future holds for The Red Green Show.

The Red Green Show originally aired on various Canadian channels, finding its ultimate home of CBC Television and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in the United States. Its unique blend of humor crossed borders and was embraced by PBS in the United States. Iowa and Michigan, in particular, resonated with Red’s offbeat escapades, according to TV Tropes, and at its zenith, the show was showcased on more than a hundred PBS affiliates from 1991 till the series’ farewell on April 7, 2006.

Even though The Red Green Show ended its incredible 15-year run in 2006, the show’s appeal and popularity endures. After the show ended, Red Green hit the road and performed standup in front of sold-out crowds up until 2020.

The show’s enduring popularity has always been a bit of a mystery. It was never a ratings juggernaut, and it certainly wasn’t the most sophisticated or cutting-edge comedy on TV. But for those who watched it, The Red Green Show was something special – a low-key, feel-good comedy that offered a respite from the stresses of modern life.

There’s also something inherently comforting about the show’s gentle humor. In a world where so much comedy is mean-spirited or edgy, The Red Green Show is a refreshing change of pace. It’s the kind of comedy that makes you feel good, even on a bad day.

For many Canadians, the mention of The Red Green Show is enough to bring back a flood of memories. With its quirky characters, off-beat humor, and iconic catchphrases, The Red Green Show quickly has become a beloved cultural touchstone for many Canadians.

Steve was recently nominated for the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame, where the likes of Phil Hartman, Michael J Fox, Lorne Michaels, and Leslie Nielson have been honored. He always believed in the characters and storyline. But he had never imagined that the show would be so popular and for so long. 

“When we filmed a mess of Winter Poems on December 10. 1989, we had no idea that Possum Lodge and the Red Green brand would connect with so many loyal fans who have supported us through 300 episodes, a bunch of Specials, a feature film, four North American tours, a strong social media presence, and even a podcast. And because of them, the end is nowhere in sight. Thank you all,” stated Steve.

Part of what makes The Red Green Show so enduringly popular is its authenticity. Despite the wacky hijinks and larger-than-life characters, the show always felt grounded in reality. Red and his buddies weren’t glamorous celebrities or high-flying entrepreneurs – they were just regular guys trying to make the most of life in a small Canadian town.

Today, Steve is enjoying retired life, but he can’t quite shake the urge to write, perform and get back into the Red Green character by doing an audio-only podcast with his son Dave Smith and other actors from the show. 

Now, over a decade after the show ended its original run, The Red Green Show is enjoying a resurgence of popularity on streaming services, thanks to an exclusive distribution partnership with SPACEMOB. And most recently, an exclusive licensing arrangement to produce and distribute not only Red Green content but Red Green products & merchandise. 

For many fans, it’s a chance to relive old memories and introduce a new generation to the show’s unique brand of humor. 

For those who grew up with The Red Green Show, its resurgence on streaming services is a welcome trip down memory lane. And for those who are discovering it for the first time, it’s a chance to experience a unique and beloved piece of Canadian television history. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, there’s no denying that The Red Green Show holds a special place in the hearts of many Canadians.

The Red Green Show can be viewed both as Video on Demand (VOD) and via the dedicated 24/7 Streaming FAST Channel: The Red Green Channel. Here are the current services & platforms where you can now stream the show; Tubi, Sling, Plex, FuboTV, Redbox, Crackle, The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime, Local Now, Xumo, LG Channels, Samsung TV Plus, TeleUp Vizio, Philo Future Today and most recently, PlutoTV Canada.


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