SPACEMOB Partners With Documentary Filmmaker to Produce “All The Ships Rise”

by | Jul 22, 2021

OVERLAND PARK, KS / July 22, 2021 / SPACEMOB has partnered with documentary filmmaker Kevin Bryce and his production company, Blind Eye, to create and distribute ALL THE SHIPS RISE, a new limited documentary series that shares the engaging stories of individuals who are struggling with impactful mental health and social issues like bipolar disorder, PTSD, and breaking down racial barriers.

The title All the Ships Rise is a tribute to JFK who said, “A rising tide lifts all boats” in a speech given in 1963 when he promised the continued defense of Europe. The full quote from Kennedy was “As they say on my own Cape Cod, ‘A rising tide lifts all the boats.'” 

“The idea of the power of change within an individual helping the greater good fits this story perfectly,” SPACEMOB Chief Content Officer and Executive Producer for the series Eric Keith said in announcing the new project.

“It is rare that you have the opportunity to take on this type of important subject matter while working with a filmmaker with such a powerful voice. Kevin Bryce’s documentary work is raw, deeply personal, and compelling- and this partnership is going to make for some strong, heart-wrenching, and very provocative television,” Keith added.

“With the popularity of docu-series on streaming television, I am very grateful to be working with SPACEMOB to create an original series that is almost certain to reach millions of viewers,” commented  Kevin Bryce, Director of the series.

“All the Ships Rise will be a continuation of Kevin’s life work of showing us intimate and personal stories of individuals and their struggles, to help us better understand the greater world we live in. In touching or helping one person you are helping the whole community, and Kevin Bryce’s work illustrates this artfully. This is an exciting project,” Keith added.

The series is currently in post-production with plans for a release on multiple streaming platforms this coming fall.

Award-winning director, producer, editor, and documentarian. For the past 10 years, Kevin has worked independently producing documentaries including “We Are Superman,” “All These Flowers,” and “Made in America,” in addition to directing and producing content for national and multinational companies and nonprofits.