Tuesday Night Pickleball Live

by | May 2, 2024


Pickleball has been called the fastest growing sport in America and the sport’s popularity is no doubt booming. With all the buzz, we’re excited to bring an electrifying new LIVE season of the most entertaining pro pickleball series on the scene, Tuesday Night Pickleball. 

Every Tuesday night during the season, which runs from late September through December, we’re giving viewers the live matches of the Arizona Pickleball League, a professional league with competitive team play, but in a fun and electric atmosphere that includes music, dancing, and a DJ. Make no mistake, though, this is high-level professional pickleball action and it’s delivered live every Tuesday night on PickleTV and simulcast to other streaming sports channels. 

Don’t just watch pickleball; experience it! Tuesday Night Pickleball is the perfect recipe for ratings success and audience engagement.

About Tuesday Night Pickleball

Since 2023, The Arizona Pickleball League has entertained with Tuesday Night Pickleball in conjunction with Jigsaw Health at The Orchard. Here’s the deal:

  • Pro Players, Team Battles: Watch top pickleballers go head-to-head in a thrilling team format every Tuesday night.
  • Five Team Fray: The league features five teams vying for glory throughout a ten-week season.
  • Round Robin Challenge: Each team gets a crack at every other team during the regular season, keeping the competition fierce.

Playoff Showdown: Only the cream of the crop make it! The top four teams battle it out in the playoffs, leaving one team on the sidelines.