Distribution deal finalized for limited series Girl Unscripted

SPACEMOB Secures Distribution Deal for the Limited Series Girl Unscripted

by | Dec 8, 2021

SPACEMOB today announced today that it has entered a deal with the entity created by BrightStar Media Group and Capstone Entertainment Group to be the exclusive, worldwide distributor for their original limited series, Girl Unscripted.

Family, love, heartbreak, opportunity, poverty, abuse, drugs…the life of a girl is complicated, and they frequently have no means of expressing themselves, or worse, no one who’ll listen. Relating to these struggles of teenage girls, award-winning filmmaker Tara Veneruso took this to heart and started a filmmaking camp to give girls the opportunity to express themselves and tell their stories. This documentary series spans more than 10 years where we see teenagers/pre-teens transform into adult women and get a fascinating chance to experience life through the eyes of open and brave girls. The accounts Veneruso documents are raw, touching, sad, and hopeful. The trials and triumphs of a person’s life in her own words…a “Girl Unscripted.”

As the title suggests, the participants are the girls as they truly are: raw, deep, and evolving. Every heartbreaking revelation and sudden outburst are laid bare before the audience in a combination of footage shot by the subjects themselves and artfully composed footage captured by internationally renowned director of photography Tito Reynoso. The grainy, handheld segments are interwoven with high-end, feature-worthy images that creates a richly textured piece that nimbly leaps back-and-forth between clips of the cast as girls, and clips of them ten years later. The result is simultaneously gritty, unfiltered, and immediate while being meticulously structured in a way that only hindsight will allow.

Girl Unscripted is created and directed by Tara Veneruso and produced by Veneruso and SPACEMOB Chief Content Officer Eric Keith.

“There is no project or role in my professional career that I have been prouder of than producing this series,” said Keith. “It has been a long, hard 15 years since Tara and I first met over coffee to plan the documentary and the program and the smartest move we made was to remain patient over the course of many years, so that we could see more of these amazing women’s journeys.”

“We are so grateful to the girls/young women and their families who opened up their lives to us and shared the challenges they face,” Keith added. “This story is heartbreaking, painful, hopeful, joyous, with everything in-between and I am so excited to get Girl Unscripted out in the world to see where it ends up and how people respond.”

The deal was negotiated by Loren Wilson, on behalf of SPACEMOB and Capstone Entertainment Group on behalf of the series.