Dark Territory, Real-life Paranormal Documentary, A SPACEMOB Original Series

by | Jan 1, 2023

SPACEMOB is stepping into the unknown with the team of Dark Territory to share two seasons of eight forty-four-minute episodes starring Sean Kenna, the resident skeptic of the group, Sean Owen, a gifted cinematographer and documentarian, and Karl Hassall, a respected paranormal investigator who experienced a haunting as a child. The three join forces to push the boundaries of modern-day ghost hunting and how it is recorded.

There is beauty in the historic, yet dark and cryptic, British locations. Mysteries prevail, and the path that Dark Territory leads the viewer on is filled with fear, intrigue, and seemingly endless questions about paranormal forces and the unknown.

DarkTerritory strives to give its audience the most accurate, yet cinematic, experience of unique and historic British locations. Sean, Sean, and Karl raise the bar when it comes to artful cinematography, incorporating a combination of handheld, drone, and night vision footage, in addition to beautifully-executed establishing shots that set the tone for each scene and episode.

The resulting series is a compelling and gritty re-imagining of a traditional paranormal show, but there is nothing traditional about DarkTerritory.

And you can expect a third season.  “With the amazing evidence captured in Seasons 1 & 2, Dark Territory will be pushing their investigations to another level with exciting new experiments filmed in the most horrific of places” stated Sean Owen.

You can catch up with Season1 on RedBox, Plex, Fawesome, Freevee UK, POV Horror, Docurama, and Dark Matter TV. Coming Soon to Tubi, and the Vizio Fear Channel.  Season 2 is currently streaming on Fawesome. Coming soon to Tubi.

For distribution consideration contact –Danielle Bourassa, Head Of Partnerships, SPACEMOB danielle@space-mob.com